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Welcome to - Santa@Thee North Pole  * With out Our Children none of this is possable

The Reason for the Season

Descriptions Left Side

  • Dancer - The second reindeer and the left leader before Rudolph was included. She is the graceful reindeer.
  • Vixen - The fourth reindeer and on the left-hand side in the second row. She is beautiful, and also powerful like her companion Prancer.
  • Cupid - The sixth reindeer and on the left-hand side in the third row. She brings love and joy to children when Santa flies over everyone's houses.
  • Blitzen - The eighth reindeer and on the left-hand side in the fourth row. Her original name is Blixem. She is known as the lightning reindeer because the word 'Blitz' is German for lightning, as is 'Bliksem', her original name, in Dutch.

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Sleigh Order of Santa's Reindeer
Female on left Male (Mate) on each right.

Rudolph is the son of Donner and Blitzen, He was born December 1939 at Montgomery Wards Store in Chicago, IL with a glowing red nose.

Descriptions Right Side

  • Dasher - The first reindeer and the right-hand leader of the sleigh before Rudolph was included. He is the speediest reindeer.
  • Prancer - The third reindeer and on the right in the second row. He is the most powerful reindeer.
  • Comet - The fifth reindeer and on the right-hand side in the third row. He brings wonder and happiness to children when Santa flies over everyone's houses.
  • Donner - The seventh reindeer and on the right-hand side in the fourth row. His original name was Dunder, a variant of Dunder, meaning "thunder" in Dutch.

The Reason We celebrate Christmas
with giving presents, Is Remembrance
of the Birth of Christ in the Manger. 
That is why We have a Birthday Party for Christ, Giving Gifts to One an Other.
Because He Lives Within Us.
Be Sure You Tell him Happy Birthday.
He is the Reason for the Season

The Full History of St. Nickolas "Santa Claus"
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Classic Christmas Music
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The Classic Story
Twas the Night Before Christmas
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  It has been just over 2000 years scents Christ was Born in a manger. This was the first Christmas.  Can you remember what Christ received on his Birth, form the Three Wise Men?  (gold, frankincense and myrrh)
  Today We still celebrate Christ's Birth as Christmas, Giving presents to each other, in his remembrance.  My Grand son tells me it's not the Gift but the thought that counts, "he is 11 years old".
  Keep in Mind what Christ gave you for his Christmas Present, when he was Born in the Manger.

Merry Christmas from Our Home to Yours
The Brittain Family

  A Classic Christmas Story "The Cinnamon Bear"
Aired 1937 on the Radio series December  all 26 programs. (mp3 format)
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Ep. 1 -Paddy O'Cinnamon
Ep. 2 -Weary Willy
Ep. 3 -Crazy Quilt Dragon
Ep. 4 -The Ikaboos
Ep. 5 -Weasley The Wailing Whale
Ep. 6 -Samuel Seal
Ep. 7 -Presto The Magician
Ep. 8 -Candy Pirates
Ep. 9 -Rolly Polly Policeman

Ep. 10 -Professor Whiz
Ep. 11 -Fe Fo the Gentle Giant
Ep. 12 -Rhyming Rabbit
Ep. 13 -The Wintergreen Witch
Ep. 14 -Queen Melissa
Ep. 15 -Snapper Stick The Crocodile
Ep. 16 -Crooning Crocodile
Ep. 17 -Muddlers
Ep. 18 - Cocklebur Cowboys

Ep. 19 - The Wooden Indian
Ep. 20 - Flying Hat
Ep. 21 - Snowman
Ep. 22 - Santa Clause
Ep. 23 - The Bad Dolls
Ep. 24 - The Parade
Ep. 25 - Captain Tip Top
Ep. 26 - North Pole

More to Come from Santa Classic Stories

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